Three Words that may be sabotaging your success…Are you using these three words everyday???

The Key to Success may be in the words you are using today.

the down-low

We all have goals. You may have a physical goal. I know I am constantly creating new goals to get stronger and healthier so I can keep up with the daily demands of being a wife and mother of three young children.

You may have a mental goal. You open your eyes and log on to FaceBook to see all of the motivational images that your friends are posting which only makes you think…good for you but I’m not feeling so cheery today (is that a word?)…You may be on a journey to create a more positive outlook on your life.

You may have a spiritual goal. You know that there is something missing in your life and you know that it is a closer relationship with God. However you feel miles away and don’t know how to get on a path to draw closer.

Are you secretly sabotaging your success???

You may be part of the problem. Have you found yourself saying these three words…”I’ve got to ____”.
Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…workout today…” Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…think more positive thoughts…” Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…read my Bible today..”

No Worries…

I’ve got your cure!!!

So you just realized that you are using those three words that are sure to lead to doom! Why? Because anytime you use them, what follows becomes a task…a chore…or something that you feel is holding you hostage until it is complete.

Don’t get discouraged just yet. Just as simply as you can say the three words that lead to sabotaging your goals, you can replace them with three simple words that bring success.

“I want to…” It’s that simple. By replacing your “got-to” with a “want-to” you change your mindset from despair to excitement. You actually can become excited about the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Let’s try it…”I want to eat healthy today because I love how it makes me feel!” “I want to be grateful and have a positive outlook today because there is so much good in my life.” “I want to read the Bible so I can learn about my creator and get direction for my life.”

Did that work for you? Try it out with your kids too… I can’t wait to hear how this simple switch is getting you on track to reach your goal and living the life of abundance that God has for your today.
Have a healthy happy week!!!
Lori Youngblood



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