It’s Not About You…


To all my entrepreneurial spirits out there, I’m back with another tip on how you can find a home business that is right for you.

Today I’m going to share a tip that will not only help you narrow down your list of potential companies, but will also help you get ahead in life.

That tip is…

Tip No. 04

Be other’s focussed!

If you are going to be successful in anything, you first have to be focussed on the people who you plan to serve.

The person that serves the best wins!

I continue to hear this from all of the top leaders in the industry. They all have the same basic idea stated in different ways. You have to be 100% about your customer. This is what makes or breaks your business. I know this is not a revolutionary idea but it is one that often is forgotten.

So here are some questions to ask about potential home businesses:

  • Do they give you the ability to tailor services or products around your ideal customer’s greatest needs?
  • Do they offer options to ensure that your customer receives the best value for their product or services?
  • Do they offer education on how to use the service or product once the customer purchases?
  • Do they offer support to the customer and help them reach their goals?

There are plenty of home businesses out there that are about the “business opportunity.” The thing is, if you don’t make your customers happy, there will be no business. You may be able to get someone to purchase from you a few times. But if you are not focusing on their greatest needs and serving them, they will be gone.

That is why it is so important to stay away from tricks and gimmicks that only serve your paycheck and stick to good old-fashioned customer service.

When looking for a home business, it is important that the company is customer focused!

I’m also going to share one action step with you today that will help you be other’s focussed when interacting with your ideal customers.

Customer service means asking the questions…

You need to get to know your customer and what better way than by asking questions and listening to them talk. Don’t be afraid to ask that second question.

The more clarity that you get around identifying their needs, the more you will be able to tailor a plan that addresses it!

One of the hardest parts of this is learning when to be silent. As business owners, we are so excited about our opportunities. We want to share them with the world. We love when we have an opportunity to discuss all the features and benefits. The problem is…when we are talking, we can’t listen. So I challenge you today to ask the question and then….be silent!

“People do not care how muchyou know until they know how much you care.".png

Even if it is awkward, give it a few extra second. You will be amazed at what happens! I know you are going to be tempted to fill the silence but don’t. Your customer will begin to open up and you can discover how best to serve them!

When searching for my home business, I was very serious about finding a company that was 100% about the customer first!!! I wanted to make sure that they had a variety of programs that would “successfully” target my customer’s greatest needs for increased energy, weight-loss, athletic performance, and healthy aging.

Next, it had to be at a great value. If you didn’t get a chance, check out my last post on the value of the products compared to the average American’s spending per meal HERE.

They also had to work!!! The money-back guarantee was what got me to first try them out.

I was not looking for a change but for a solution!

I was looking for a solution to my lack of energy and focus. I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try. I knew that if the products did not do what they said they would do, I could get my money back. Two days in, I knew I had found my “forever home” business.

Each system also comes with a complete guide on how to use the products. There was no guess-work or having to reach out to my distributor to ask questions. I had everything I needed in my box when my products arrived. I could get started immediately.

There is also a 16 week challenge that gives me the motivation to continue with my goals and also rewards me with $200 after competition on top of many other bonuses.

The list for support throughout the process goes on and on. From Facebook support groups to health blogs to websites, you have all the tips and support you can imagine to succeed.

Before you click a button to join your home business, make sure that you research the focus that the company puts on the customer.

This is the core of your business and you will want to make sure you have everything you need to serve them well and make them happy!

I hope this tip was helpful. Please share if you found it of value.

My final tip is coming soon. Stick around because this one is ALL about YOU!!!

As always, I am cheering you on in your journey!

Wishing you a healthy, happy day!

Lori Youngblood





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