It’s Not About You…


To all my entrepreneurial spirits out there, I’m back with another tip on how you can find a home business that is right for you.

Today I’m going to share a tip that will not only help you narrow down your list of potential companies, but will also help you get ahead in life.

That tip is…

Tip No. 04

Be other’s focussed!

If you are going to be successful in anything, you first have to be focussed on the people who you plan to serve.

The person that serves the best wins!

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DIY Oreo Pops

Add A Sweet Touch To Your Next Party

My daughter is absolutely obsessed with birthday parties! We basically have a birthday party everyday for Elsa, Anna, Barbie, or Lea Clark (her new American girl doll). I am more than alright with the fuss around birthdays because I love celebrating life (even pretend life). She has been planning her own birthday party for the last 364 days now, basically the day after she turned four.

We’ve kind of made a week or two out of her birthday celebration. Today I wanted to share with you a cute idea that you can use for the next party you have! It’s super simple and can be customized to fit any theme or celebration. You can serve them at the party or use them as a party favor for your guests.

To start off, here are the ingredients I used to make the Oreo pops:



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Make It Better

How To Choose The Business That Is Right For You- Tip No. 03


I took a short break from my series on how to choose the right home business for you to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. She absolutely loves birthdays and I absolutely love celebrating her life so we’ve made a week or two out of it!


Isn’t that what makes home businesses so great though?! The ability to work your business around your life instead of work your life around your business is such a blessing!



Just this week a former co-worker posted a picture from three years ago of me in Times Square during a company training. I will forever be grateful for my time at my former company and the leaders that influenced and trained me. However, on that same morning that I saw the picture, memories flooded back from that trip. It came on the same day that I was celebrating my daughter’s birthday.

That was a whirlwind month for me where I traveled for three weeks straight. Who knows how many times I packed and unpacked my suitcase to go from airport to hotel to airport to hotel. From an amazing ski resort in Salt Lake City for Ralph Lauren Men’s training to New York for Ralph Lauren Childrenswear training to Tupelo for a new store opening. That was the year that I fought back tears as I  wished my two-year old daughter happy birthday over FaceTime. That was the year that I decided that there had to be another way and I was going to figure it out, no matter what it took!



I have no idea what your motivations are for wanting to start your own business. Maybe it is to spend more time with your family. Maybe it is to get out of debt and take steps towards financial freedom. Maybe it’s to fulfill your calling. Whatever those reasons may be, I want to help. That is my motivation for sharing everything that I’ve learned about business building with you. I have a passion for seeing all those with an entrepreneurial spirit thrive in their businesses. Continue reading

How To Choose The Business That is Right For You: 5 Things To Consider Before Making Your Decision- Part NO 2.

Part 2: Give Them A Reason To Buy

I have this eyeliner right here.


I’ve had it for about five years. It still works and I use it all the time. I’m not sure if it will ever run out. Whenever I see it, I think to myself, I really need to look for another one of these in case it ever runs out. However, I always forget when I’m in the store to search for it. I’m not even sure if they make it anymore.

I absolutely love it but there is one problem with this product.

I would never want to sell it.

The reason is….it doesn’t give you a reason to purchase again.

In fact, the manufacturers of this product are probably wondering why the customers that purchased it have not bought more of them.

I want you to think about this eyeliner when you are making a decision about what business is right for you. Continue reading

How To Choose The Business That is Right For You: 5 Things To Consider Before Making Your Decision- Part NO 1.

Before you can get started marketing your service or product online, you must first decide on what that product or service is.

Which business is right for you?

If you are a small business owner already, there is a good chance that you’ve got this covered. This post is directed to those entrepreneurial spirits that have yet to decide what they want to sell.

In the last two years I have started three home businesses. Let’s just say, I’ve learned a ton! Each business had it’s pros and cons. I’ve now narrowed it down to one business that I absolutely love and stand behind and I really want to be my forever “home business.” I want you to take what I’ve learned and use it without having to walk through the mistakes that I’ve made. Continue reading

I’m not an expert…


I’m not an expert when it comes to online marketing but I want to be!

I follow the experts daily and try to learn something new every day about leadership, building businesses online through branding and creating an online presence.

My passion for seeing entrepreneurs succeed continues to grow.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My immediate family represents a variety of different businesses. I was also recently introduced to an amazing group of creative entrepreneurs that range from photographers, graphic designers, organizers and interior designs. They all have two things in common…they have a passion for what they create and they also need an avenue to share their passion with others.

I’m in the home business arena. I see so many of my friends starting their own home businesses as well. It ranges from health and wellness to skincare to accessories and apparel. Some are moms that have young children. Some are working full-time. They are looking for a way to be successful where they are with the limited resources that they have (time, energy, finances).

It makes my heart so happy when I see people taking the steps towards entrepreneurship. I know how scary that first step can be when you begin pursuing your passions. Continue reading

Bring the Passion…

Have you ever felt like you are playing hide and seek with your passion? You know that God created you with gifts but you just are not sure what you are suppose to be doing with them. You may see others around you who know exactly what their passions are and you wish that it was crystal clear for you too. You may even find yourself with several interests that you are torn between pursuing. You may be a stay at home mom with your hands already full and wonder how it would even be possible to pursue your passions.

Well I have good news for you today. I think this is going to take some of the pressure off. Here it goes…

You can stop looking for your passion because….

Passion isn’t something you find, it is something you bring.

What do I mean by this? Passion isn’t something that is external that you stumble across one day. It is something that is internal. It is an energy, an attitude that is within you that you bring to every area of your life.

The bible says it like this…

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

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Telling Your Story Online Part 1: Creating Content That Connects

“Can you hear me now…”

telling your story online part 1

This morning I was watching the Today show. They were featuring the Olympics in Rio and were attempting to interview Michael Phelps to find out his thoughts on carrying the torch into the opening ceremonies. However, they were having technical issues and were unable to successfully get the interview even though Micheal Phelps was only about 10 miles away from where they were set up on site.

After a few tries, Michael grabbed a phone and was able to hear the questions and finished the interview. When it was over they transitioned back to Savannah in the NY studio. She was holding a phone saying “Can you hear me now?”

Lately I’ve been super interested in marketing and why some content works better than others. This immediately got me thinking about why the “Can you hear me now…” campaign was so successful for Verizon a few years ago.

Let’s take a closer look together and see why so many connected with this content and how we can learn from it to create our own content to connect with our target audience.
If you are unfamiliar with the Verizon campaign, it was basically Verizon’s ‘Test Man’ walking around saying “Can you hear me now….pause…Good!” This campaign began in 2002 and lasted 9 years!!!

Wow!!! Almost a decade for a single campaign idea. That is pretty successful. So why? Why did this connect so well??? Continue reading

Three Words that may be sabotaging your success…Are you using these three words everyday???

The Key to Success may be in the words you are using today.

the down-low

We all have goals. You may have a physical goal. I know I am constantly creating new goals to get stronger and healthier so I can keep up with the daily demands of being a wife and mother of three young children.

You may have a mental goal. You open your eyes and log on to FaceBook to see all of the motivational images that your friends are posting which only makes you think…good for you but I’m not feeling so cheery today (is that a word?)…You may be on a journey to create a more positive outlook on your life.

You may have a spiritual goal. You know that there is something missing in your life and you know that it is a closer relationship with God. However you feel miles away and don’t know how to get on a path to draw closer.

Are you secretly sabotaging your success???

You may be part of the problem. Have you found yourself saying these three words…”I’ve got to ____”.
Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…workout today…” Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…think more positive thoughts…” Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…read my Bible today..”

No Worries…

I’ve got your cure!!! Continue reading