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How To Choose The Business That Is Right For You- Tip No. 03


I took a short break from my series on how to choose the right home business for you to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. She absolutely loves birthdays and I absolutely love celebrating her life so we’ve made a week or two out of it!


Isn’t that what makes home businesses so great though?! The ability to work your business around your life instead of work your life around your business is such a blessing!



Just this week a former co-worker posted a picture from three years ago of me in Times Square during a company training. I will forever be grateful for my time at my former company and the leaders that influenced and trained me. However, on that same morning that I saw the picture, memories flooded back from that trip. It came on the same day that I was celebrating my daughter’s birthday.

That was a whirlwind month for me where I traveled for three weeks straight. Who knows how many times I packed and unpacked my suitcase to go from airport to hotel to airport to hotel. From an amazing ski resort in Salt Lake City for Ralph Lauren Men’s training to New York for Ralph Lauren Childrenswear training to Tupelo for a new store opening. That was the year that I fought back tears as I  wished my two-year old daughter happy birthday over FaceTime. That was the year that I decided that there had to be another way and I was going to figure it out, no matter what it took!



I have no idea what your motivations are for wanting to start your own business. Maybe it is to spend more time with your family. Maybe it is to get out of debt and take steps towards financial freedom. Maybe it’s to fulfill your calling. Whatever those reasons may be, I want to help. That is my motivation for sharing everything that I’ve learned about business building with you. I have a passion for seeing all those with an entrepreneurial spirit thrive in their businesses. Continue reading


Three Words that may be sabotaging your success…Are you using these three words everyday???

The Key to Success may be in the words you are using today.

the down-low

We all have goals. You may have a physical goal. I know I am constantly creating new goals to get stronger and healthier so I can keep up with the daily demands of being a wife and mother of three young children.

You may have a mental goal. You open your eyes and log on to FaceBook to see all of the motivational images that your friends are posting which only makes you think…good for you but I’m not feeling so cheery today (is that a word?)…You may be on a journey to create a more positive outlook on your life.

You may have a spiritual goal. You know that there is something missing in your life and you know that it is a closer relationship with God. However you feel miles away and don’t know how to get on a path to draw closer.

Are you secretly sabotaging your success???

You may be part of the problem. Have you found yourself saying these three words…”I’ve got to ____”.
Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…workout today…” Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…think more positive thoughts…” Maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to…read my Bible today..”

No Worries…

I’ve got your cure!!! Continue reading

When Breaking News Crashes Into Your Day And Shatters Your Peace

When Breaking news crashes into your day and shatters your peace

When breaking news crashes into your day and shatters your peace…

It’s time to turn to ESPN.

It’s happened to everyone. You wake up in a cozy bed. The sun is shining through the windows. The birds are singing. You begin thanking the Lord for another amazing day. You get a chance to spend some time in the word. You get some time to pray and worship without the kids interrupting. You have that first sip of coffee. You think to yourself, today I truly am more than a conqueror. This day is going to be great.

Then it happens…. You turn on the news or maybe you check FB. You start hearing the reports of all the darkness that has happened around the world while you were enjoying your beautiful morning. You may not be affected at first as you half-way listen while you are doing other tasks. But then another story pops up and then another and then another. Before long you can’t even hear the birds singing outside anymore because you are so focussed on the newest act of violence that is being detailed by the reporter.

The fear starts to grow and then the heaviness. Absolutely nothing has changed in your immediate environment but everything has changed in your heart. What seemed like a bright beautiful day now starts to feel dark and dreary. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever had the latest breaking news crash into your day and steal your peace? Continue reading