How To Choose The Business That is Right For You: 5 Things To Consider Before Making Your Decision- Part NO 1.

Before you can get started marketing your service or product online, you must first decide on what that product or service is.

Which business is right for you?

If you are a small business owner already, there is a good chance that you’ve got this covered. This post is directed to those entrepreneurial spirits that have yet to decide what they want to sell.

In the last two years I have started three home businesses. Let’s just say, I’ve learned a ton! Each business had it’s pros and cons. I’ve now narrowed it down to one business that I absolutely love and stand behind and I really want to be my forever “home business.” I want you to take what I’ve learned and use it without having to walk through the mistakes that I’ve made.

I’m going to focus mostly on what I like to call a “business in a box.”

When you decide to start a “business in a box,” you are able to get up and running immediately. They typically have very low start up costs. Most have no overhead fees. You get to skip the hassle of product testing, system development, manufacturing and shipping. You basically just share and make a profit. This is incredible since the average time it takes for most new businesses to make a profit is 5 years!

I was introduced to home businesses two years ago and immediately fell in love with the model. One thing that each of these businesses had in common was that if you wanted to get ahead, you have to coach and empower your teams. The strongest leaders are the ones that “out-teach” everyone else!

If you are considering starting a home business there are tons of options. The first tip I would give is to pick a company that aligns with your values and your interests. If you pick something that aligns with your values you are able to persevere through the ups and downs of being a business owner. You will improve your chances of success!

You want to be able to stand behind your products. The best way to do that is to actually use them yourself.

Also, if you love your products, you will never have to sell them. You will be so excited to share them and the genuine enthusiasm you have will draw people in.

For me, my passion is to see people healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically. I feel strongly that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. For that reason alone it should be respected and taken care of.


I was introduced to exercise and strength training at a very young age as an athlete. I had a coach that taught me the importance of strength training in the sixth grade and I have continued to strive to take care of my body through healthy eating and exercise.

In the past five years I’ve become even more concerned with using natural products to nourish my body. This all began with the pregnancy of my first child. I wanted to make sure that I had the best options in my body since it was being used to nurture her’s as well.

In the last five years I’ve had three babies and the respect for my body has grown with each one. My passion to stay healthy has continued to grow as well since they need me to be strong and well to take care of them each day. It is also a spiritual responsibility for me to be a good steward of my body in order to do the work that the Lord has provided for me.

Joining a health and wellness company was just a natural fit for me.

I encourage you to think through your interests and passions. You may have several things that you love! I’m with you… I am multi-passionate. But look deeper and ask yourself what are the things that I could do everyday of my life. Try to decipher what are true passions and what are hobbies.

List below you top three interests or passions:

Now I encourage you to search out home businesses in these areas. Come up with a list of companies that you connect with and begin your research. I highly encourage you to research before making any decisions. There are so many amazing choices out there!

Also, before you make any decisions…read the rest of the series to find out how to narrow this list down!!! I’m going to walk you through some things to consider to make sure that your business is the right fit for you and your family.

I want you to know that I honor your passion and your desire to use your God-given gifts to create a business and life you love! Know that I am cheering you on each step of the way.

Wishing you a healthy, happy day!

Lori Youngblood


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